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Mary Jane Copps
Mary Jane Copps

Join me – and sometimes a special guest – for a free 30-minute webinar to explore a wide range of communication challenges and uncover valuable tips to help you continually inspire conversation.

"Thank you, Mary Jane. This session was invaluable. I learned a great deal. Am very grateful." - Penny Doherty

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The Price is Right! with special guest Katy Baker

"I don't know what to charge." How many times have you heard this phrase from a business owner? How many times have you said it yourself? What exactly is the key to figuring out and being confident about your pricing?

In this special one-hour free webinar, Mary Jane is joined by guest Katy Baker, Project Manager, Magnet Business Portals, Ryerson University (and SheEO Activator) to uncover the "how" of pricing. In her work with, and as, an entrepreneur, Katy knows that the result of correct pricing is long-term profitability. That's worth knowing more about!

Katy Baker is a CPA-CMA and holds her Certified International Trade Professional designation. Creating a profitable pricing framework for clients that aligns with optimum tax savings stems from 25 years of project management work and her own experiences as an entrepreneur. Ultimately Katy enjoys eliminating doubt and building confidence in her clients' financial literacy capacity. On top of pricing work, Katy is an experienced trade professional, advising clients on their next-step growth decisions into new markets both nationally and internationally.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
3:30pm NT, 3pm AT, 2pm ET, 1pm CT, 12pm MT, 11am PT

Katy Baker

Katy Baker joins Mary Jane Copps in this micro-learning workshop.