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Are You a Renegade? Thoughts on Bringing Our Genuine Selves to Our Work

Renegades are willing to push against the status quo, speak up, push back, and make a difference.

Meryl Cook joins me for this broad-ranging conversation to share her thoughts on being a renegade and what it means in today’s business world. Meryl states, “I’ve always been a renegade.”

We’ll hear more of her story and her work to create a “renegade community”. (And I’ll share why I’m a recent renegade.) You’ll leave with tips on how to uncover your “inner renegade”.

Colour, texture, joy and self-compassion define Meryl Cook’s work as a fibre artist, writer and facilitator in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. As an artist, Meryl is becoming best known for her use of the Chakra colours and her Wild Woman series. Her recent ‘Ode to Lisa LaFlamme’ series, devoted to renegade women with grey hair and lots of attitude has been a source of delight to many. Meryl’s mission is to inspire individuals and groups to find joy and a renewed sense of purpose. Meryl is the author of two books, One Loop at a Time, a story of rughooking, healing and creativity (2016) and One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook (2017).

Wednesday, June 7, 2023
11am Eastern (12pm Atlantic, 10am Central, 9am Mountain, 8am Pacific)