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Strengthen Your Sales Skills

Increase Your Revenue

  • A 6-week, live online classroom learning experience
  • For salespeople, business owners and innovators
  • Who are determined to increase their revenue ... immediately.
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"You are a genius. Thanks for the great ideas. They definitely close sales." - Manuel Chavez, General Manager, Dinasty Security Inc.

Manuel Chavez

You know that your career, business or idea depends on your ability to inspire great conversations with potential clients, investors, or early adopters.

And you know that these conversations need to result in sales.

You are dedicating time and effort to make this happen … and you're finding it more challenging than you expected.

Then this 6-week live online classroom learning experience is ideal for you.

Mary Jane Copps

I’m Mary Jane Copps and I’ve dedicated the past 16 years to helping people uncover and embrace their individual sales skills.

My foundation is 34 years of business ownership; my mission is to give salespeople, business owners and innovators the tools and skills they need to communicate effectively ... and consistently increase their revenue.

With a focus on building trust and relationships, engaging in meaningful conversations, and creating and following a specific, customized sales process, I’ve helped my coaching clients quickly double, triple and even 10x their revenue.

I’d like to do the same for you.

This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to increase your sales … right now.
  • You want to discover your innate sales skills and are willing to practice and use them.
  • You want to create a disciplined, repeatable process for attracting and communicating with prospects and existing clients.
  • You are available for six weeks to attend and contribute to each class.
  • You are willing to invest both time and money to discover your authentic sales process, practice new skills consistently, and increase your revenue year after year.
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"Mary Jane, I want to thank you for our insightful sessions. They challenge my thinking in a number of ways. They are rich, engaging and leave me determined to become a better consultant. I appreciate the guidance, support and encouragement that helps me increase my belief in myself. After four sessions things are already looking up in a big way." - Ann Divine, Founder & CEO, Ashanti Leadership & Professional Development

Ann Divine

During our six weeks together we will:

  • Confirm how many prospects you need to reach in order to achieve your revenue goal.
  • Produce an annual, monthly, weekly and daily achievement plan.
  • Discover your best sources of new prospects.
  • Identify and strengthen your unique sales skills and approach.
  • Learn today’s essential skills for reaching decision-makers, inspiring conversations and building relationships that will form the foundation of your ongoing success.

Each class will include instruction, as well as discussion and individual coaching. Support will also be available between classes by appointment.

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"Our sessions are always super inspired. It’s amazing how almost everything we talk about works and it works quickly."- TJ Klein, Sales Representative, Parnell Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

TJ Klein

Every sale is the result of a conversation.

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"Mary Jane's phone wisdom, business savvy, and sales expertise are utterly invaluable. I've struggled with my phone pitch for over four years, going back to the drawing board time and again only to hit a wall over and over, frustrated and at times disillusioned. Within 7 minutes of coaching, Mary Jane solved the puzzle for me. I am now empowered by her advice and her words and, for the first time in a long time, excited to get back on the phone to ask my prospects my 'one quick question'. Thank you, Mary Jane, for helping me break through the wall that held me back for so long." - Brad Mike, Focus Media Group (FMG Publishing)

Brad Mike

Are you serious about improving your sales results, and willing to invest both time and money?

Get on the waitlist for the next program.

This is not a free course. It's not about signing up and watching a recording someday. This is about commitment, discipline, practice and ... immediately generating more revenue.

Cost: $1,140 includes 6 hours of classroom instruction, handouts, resources and individual support. Each program is limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

Complete the form below. I'll be in touch to discuss details and make sure this is a good fit for you.

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"It's such a wonderful feeling to do something that, in my mind, seemed so nerve-wracking and out of my comfort zone, only to realize it wasn't as scary as I made it out to be (thanks in part due to your helpful training). I wouldn't say I am a natural yet, and maybe I'll always be a little bit nervous when I hear the phone ringing, but the fact that I was able to take the first step and pick up the phone at all is a huge success in my mind. I'm also realizing that if something comes up where I'm uncertain how to respond in the moment, it's a great learning experience for next time." - Jill Thorpe, The PR Hive

Jill Thorpe