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Conversations make things happen.

My belief – and experience – is that closing a sale is the natural outcome of inspiring great conversations and listening intently to our potential customers. This natural approach still involves a process, a plan that moves potential customers through a journey of discovery with you.

So ... what's your process?

What does your prospect's journey include? Are you leading or are you waiting? Are you making a lot of assumptions or neglecting to follow up with prospects diligently?

Build Your Sales Process to Create Consistent Revenue

coaching for salespeople, business owners and independent professionals

TJ Klein

"Our sessions are always super inspired. It’s amazing how almost everything we talk about works and it works quickly."

- TJ Klein, Sales Representative, Parnell Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Overland Park, KS

Is working with me valuable for you? Let's find out.

Assess your skills right now by checking off your responses below. If you have 4 or more checkmarks, complete the form and click submit. You'll be presented with a link to book a quick complimentary call with me. During our conversation, I'll introduce you to at least one skill that will help you improve your sales process.

Studies of Success

Two case studies of two very different businesses, also with very different challenges. Excellent examples of how to build trust, relationships and loyalty.

Click each study to download a .pdf file.

Delectable desserts sq

"Working with Mary Jane early in our company’s growth contributed to our success. She showed us how to create a step-by-step sales process that worked with our busy work and family schedules. Following her advice on creating “hot” lists, knowing our sales metrics and always being diligent about follow-up helped us to steadily increase our revenue and grow our reputation for excellence."

- Melissa & Dennis Mbeba, Delectable Desserts Inc., Halifax, NS

"Mary Jane, I want to thank you for our insightful sessions. They challenge my thinking in a number of ways. They are rich, engaging and leave me determined to become a better consultant. I appreciate the guidance, support and encouragement that helps me increase my belief in myself. After four sessions things are already looking up in a big way."

- Ann Divine, Founder & CEO, Ashanti Leadership, Halifax, NS

Ann Divine
Amy Harrison

"Mary Jane is not only knowledgeable but incredibly friendly and encouraging. After every session with her, I feel smarter and empowered to move my business forward."

- Amy Harrison, Pixels & Pieces Design, Halifax, NS

"Mary Jane's phone wisdom, business savvy, and sales expertise are utterly invaluable. I've struggled with my phone pitch for over four years, going back to the drawing board time and again only to hit a wall over and over, frustrated and at times disillusioned. Within 7 minutes of coaching, Mary Jane solved the puzzle for me. I am now empowered by her advice and her words and, for the first time in a long time, excited to get back on the phone to ask my prospects my 'one quick question'. Thank you, Mary Jane, for helping me break through the wall that held me back for so long."

- Brad Mike, Focus Media Group (FMG Publishing)

Brad Mike